Prepare for Your Family Law or Divorce Consultation: What to Bring

Thinking about a family law or divorce consultation? Clients often ask about what to bring. Here’s a helpful guide:

Documents for Informed Advice:

  • Court Orders: Bring copies of any existing temporary or permanent orders on custody, visitation, or support.
  • Financial Records: Share the last 3-5 years of tax returns, recent paystubs from both spouses, and income information from investments or other sources.
  • Asset & Debt Lists: Create detailed lists of personal property, investment accounts, retirement plans, real estate, debts (loans, cards, mortgages), and ownership status (sole or joint).
  • Monthly Budget: Include living expenses for better financial understanding.
  • Relevant Records: Provide police or medical records related to child endangerment, abuse, neglect, or domestic violence (if applicable).
  • Agreements: Include copies of premarital (prenuptial) or marital (postnuptial) agreements.
  • Estate Planning Documents: Share copies of wills, trusts, medical directives, and power of attorney documents.
  • Insurance Policies: Bring copies of health and life insurance policies.
  • Timeline of Events: Create a concise timeline leading up to the current situation.


  • More Information, Better Advice: Even if you don’t have all documents, bring what you can. The more information, the better your lawyer can advise you.
  • Preparation for Negotiations or Litigation: These documents lay the groundwork for negotiations or litigation, should that path be necessary.
  • Not an Exhaustive List: Consider any additional documents relevant to your case.
  • Open Communication: A good lawyer encourages sharing as much information as possible.
  • This guide sets you off on the right foot. Remember, clear communication and detailed information are key to a successful consultation.

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