Finding Your Center Amidst the Storm: Mindfulness in Divorce

Divorce can throw your world into disarray. Navigating the emotions and sense of upheaval may seem impossible. It’s during these tumultuous times that mindfulness, the practice of focusing on the present moment with acceptance and non-judgment, can become a powerful anchor. Now, I’m not suggesting mindfulness will magically erase the pain of divorce. But cultivating … Read more

Don’t Let Projection Poison Your Divorce: A Lawyer’s Perspective

Divorce is a minefield of emotions, and amidst the hurt, anger, and confusion, one insidious psychological phenomenon can wreak havoc: projection. It’s the unconscious act of attributing our own negative traits or feelings onto our ex-partner. Projection can derail the divorce process, making resolution and healing nearly impossible, which will likely drive up costs as … Read more

Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer? Here’s When a Consultation is Crucial

Facing divorce? The answer to “Do I need a lawyer?” often hinges on your specific situation. Here’s why a consultation is crucial: Guidance and Education: Whether considering or facing divorce, understanding your rights is essential. A lawyer explains the process, answers your questions, and advises on the best approach for your case.Early legal advice helps … Read more

Lawyers: Talk Less, Listen More. It Can Heal.

We all know the lawyer stereotype: fast-talking, argumentative, solution-obsessed. While expertise is vital, the truth is, sometimes the most powerful tool a lawyer possesses isn’t their voice, but their ears. Listening isn’t just hearing words; it’s actively absorbing emotions, anxieties, and the unique story behind each client’s case. It’s building trust, creating a safe space … Read more

How to establish paternity in Virginia

Uncertain about your fatherhood rights in Virginia? This guide explains how to establish paternity. Am I the father? This is the question family lawyers are hearing more frequently than many realize. Establishing the parent child relationship between a man and a child is otherwise known as establishing paternity. Paternity is presumed in the husband whenever … Read more

Spousal support and “manifest injustice” exception: newsworthy divorce appeals

The Decision: In Giraldi v. Giraldi the Virginia Court of Appeals reversed a reservation of spousal support awarded to an adulterous spouse. The decision rested primarily upon the absence of facts sufficient to prove “manifest injustice” by “clear and convincing evidence”. The Law: The decision whether to award spousal support is usually left to the discretion of the … Read more

Protecting Your Children: Putting Your Kids First During Divorce

Divorce is undeniably emotional, often pushing self-control to its limits. But when children are involved, taking the high road is paramount. Their well-being and emotional stability must come first, regardless of the challenges you face with your ex-partner. Here’s how to prioritize your children’s needs during divorce: While this list isn’t exhaustive, it can guide … Read more

Navigating the Storm: Divorce and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Feeling like you’re weathering a hurricane during your divorce? If your spouse exhibits signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), you’re not alone. As a seasoned family law attorney, I’ve seen firsthand the unique challenges situations involving narcissism present. Here, I’ll equip you with insights and strategies to protect yourself and achieve a just outcome. *Please … Read more