The Psyche and the Split: Understanding the Mental Health Dimension of Divorce

Over my years as a divorce attorney, I’ve witnessed countless couples navigate the complexities of ending their marriage. While the legal aspects are crucial, the emotional and psychological turmoil often takes center stage. This is where the role of psychology in divorce becomes crucial. Why Does Psychology Matter in Divorce? Divorce is a life-altering event. … Read more

Letting Go of the Bitterness: Why Letting Go of Resentment is Crucial for Divorce Healing (and Maybe Even Saving Your Marriage)

Resentment in a Divorce: Avoid this Poison As a family law attorney, I see it all – the raw emotions, the desire for justice, and the deep-seated resentment that often lingers like a persistent cough long after the decision to divorce has been made. While anger and hurt are natural reactions to the ending of … Read more

Amicable Divorce: Find Serenity (and Savings)

An Amicable Divorce Saves Money and Self: Divorce, while often necessary, can be a financially and emotionally draining experience. Litigation, fueled by anger and resentment, can quickly escalate costs and leave everyone feeling worse off. But what if there was another way? An amicable divorce provides a means to navigate separation with humility, self-reflection, and … Read more

Alcohol Use Disorder and the Fragile Threads of Marriage: Seeking Help Before It’s Too Late

Alcohol Use Disorder, if untreated, often leads to family problems and divorce Marriage can be a beautiful tapestry woven with love, trust, and shared dreams. But even the strongest threads can fray, and sometimes, alcohol use disorder (AUD) becomes the silent intruder, threatening to unravel the entire fabric. AUD’s Impact on Marriage and Families: For … Read more

Untie the Knot, Not the Family: Embracing the Benefits of Amicable Divorce

An Amicable Divorce Can Change Your Future for the Better Facing a divorce is one of life’s most challenging hurdles. Emotions run high, uncertainty looms, and the future seems blurry. In the midst of this storm, seeking an amicable settlement and reaching an uncontested divorce can seem like an impossible dream. However, consider this: opting … Read more

Don’t Let Projection Poison Your Divorce: A Lawyer’s Perspective

Divorce is a minefield of emotions, and amidst the hurt, anger, and confusion, one insidious psychological phenomenon can wreak havoc: projection. It’s the unconscious act of attributing our own negative traits or feelings onto our ex-partner. Projection can derail the divorce process, making resolution and healing nearly impossible, which will likely drive up costs as … Read more

Navigating the Storm: Divorce and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Feeling like you’re weathering a hurricane during your divorce? If your spouse exhibits signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), you’re not alone. As a seasoned family law attorney, I’ve seen firsthand the unique challenges situations involving narcissism present. Here, I’ll equip you with insights and strategies to protect yourself and achieve a just outcome. *Please … Read more